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Value Added Services for your Subscribers

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Mobile operators are continually looking for ways in which they can add value to their service offering for their subscribers to benefit from. One way to accomplish this is to work with a mobile VAS operator like Channel VAS. Our value added services will ensure that you obtain new subscribers and continually build your customer base.

SMS Content

Although SMS content has been on the market for years, we offer something different and unique. Our SME services are tailored and localized with unique profiling, engagement and intelligence mechanisms. Our bouquet of services includes interactive entertainment, mobile education, health and fitness, as well as sports and general knowledge. This means you will have an edge over your competition by offering of subscribers a variety of subscription-based SMS services. This should definitely form part of the value added services you offer your new and existing subscribers.

Virtual Airtime

Virtual airtime is a value added service that is used on a daily basis and one that is continually expanding. With this service, airtime will be delivered via USSD or SMS if subscribers meet specific criteria, which is extremely convenient. When subscribers top up via any of the channels available, airtime will be delivered to them instantly. This means no more standing in queues, or waiting for shops to open so that you can purchase new airtime for your mobile phone.

In addition to the above there are a variety of other value added services that you offer your subscriber base. This includes myNumber, ItWasntME, social and mCard. Channel VAS specialises in value added services for mobile operators who would like to provide their subscribers with something unique, allowing them to benefit from being an active user of your network. These services can be combined so that you offer a wide variety of services to your current subscriber base .

Channel VAS is a leading supplier of value added services in South Africa. Our services allow subscribers to benefit from a unique and value-added experience, which in turn will have a positive impact on the operator’s bottom line.

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