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myADD – Additional Advertising Revenue for Networks

With mobile phones being so popular these days and millions of users in South Africa alone, mobile networks can now benefit from additional revenue with the help of a popular service called myADD.

What is myADD?

myADD is a great way for mobile phone ringtones to benefit from additional advertising revenue with the use of personalized ring tones. When someone calls a specific mobile phone they will listen to a personalized ring tone with the advertisement of your choice, instead of the normal ringing sound. This means that you have the potential to advertise your products and services to millions of people around South Africa, which is of great benefit in the medical provider you can sell this advertising platform to brands around the country.

With myADD we are revolutionizing the concept of caller ring back tones by enabling the MNO monetize mobile phone impressions on the network, otherwise known as advertising ring back tones. On opting in and preference selection, a subscriber allows MNO and third party brand advertising space to be played on every incoming call and in turn receives loyalty points. This is why myADD is beneficial for the customer, the network provider and the subscriber.

The Benefits for Network Providers

Network providers can benefit from myADD in many ways, including:

Creation of a new advertising channel

Win-win situation for operator, subscriber and media agency

New and additional revenue stream for the MNO

Zero impact on existing revenue streams from voice, data, VAS

Highly viral as large percentage of callers subscribe to the service too

Co-exist with current CRBT service

Churn reduction tool

Zero cost to the operator

Dubbed the next generation customer retention or churn prevention tool for every MNO, myADD subscribers can redeem their loyalty points for airtime or local retailer

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