Partnership Opportunies


“The Channel IT Group aspires to enhance the way people in global emerging markets live, learn, work and socialize by delivering Telecommunication, Financial and Utilities products and services that are adapted to these markets’ needs.”


We would not be able to accomplish these goals without staff who understand the customer needs and who deliver on the promise we make. Many of them have been with us since inception as the Channel IT Group provides unlimited challenges to those who seize opportunities and contribute to shaping our vision.


Customers and their customers are at the core of everything we do. Identifying their needs, responding to changes, adding value to their business, putting relationship before profit and delivering on time come natural at the Channel IT Group. We are grateful to those customers whom we have been doing business with for many years and look forward to meeting new customers, from any part of the world.


The growth that we have experienced and the strategies that have been laid out require an organization model that is flat, flexible and agile, yet providing the structures where ownership is defined and knowledge is developed and retained.


Some things will never change and our culture is one of them. It is what got us here. We are communicative, fast, solutions orientated and responsive to opportunities.


The Channel IT Group is at the forefront where new technologies and business models, often from different industries, converge. It always keeps the relevance of such technologies and how they improve the professional and social lives of our customers in the emerging markets in mind. Our added R&D function now provides capabilities to develop products and services specifically for the markets where we operate.