Members of Channel IT Group’s Management Team lead from the front. Irrespective their role, each one of us is in touch with our customers, the market and the industry.

Made up of people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and industries, coupled with a customer-centric organization and short communication lines, the Management Team unites goals, forges strategic plans and ensures execution on the same.

Bassim Haidar

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Being at the helm of over 10 companies in the Financial & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Services, Real Estate and Venture Capitalist fields, Bassim starts up and develops environments where companies and people deliver. Supported by his 22 years of experience in Africa he has taken the Group a step further and established a strong presence in the Middle East and Asia.

Dennis Oudejans

Chief Marketing Officer

Co-founded several companies within the Group, Dennis now handles Business Strategies, Marketing, Product Management and Communications. Receiving his Bachelors of Commerce in 1989 he was responsible for setting up distribution channels, business units and subsidiaries for Canon in Africa and Middle East. His corporate career was followed by a decade of launching IT and Telecommunication companies in the same regions.

Marc Omes

Chief Commercial Officer

Headed the Group’s affiliated Logistics business, GMT Limited, before, Marc is now responsible for Sales & Operations of the Channel IT Group. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration in 1990 and followed the IEP program at INSEAD in 2000. Marc has over 20 years experience in sales, operations and general management roles in B2B Telecommunications, Logistics, Energy, Food and Automotive environments in 7 different countries across Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Uchenna Agbo

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Heading the Innovation Center as the custodian of Intellectual Property and Technology Services in the Group, Uchenna leads a team that is structured to provide the best technology delivery services whilst creating a platform to encourage technology innovation internally and in conjunction with clientele. Uchenna holds a BA in Philosophy, an MSc in Business Information Technology and has a successful career with organizations that include Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Coral Eurobet UK and Network Rail UK.

Fady Khatib

Managing Director ChannelVAS

Fady presides over the Group’s fastest growing business; ChannelVAS. His career in Telecommunications spans 23 years, including various roles at operators in Lebanon, Yemen and Sudan. In addition he was a GM at MTN Nigeria, the MD of Nokia Nigeria and MD of Samsung Mobile West Africa. Fady earned his Bachelors of Science from the American University of Beirut and an International Executive Education from INSEAD.